Acid Neutraliser – ACIDSORB 5L Jug



Prenco offers a better way to deal with Acid spills….

Absorb AND Neutralise the spill for a more effective and safer response

Safety Note: Please advise Prenco on the type of Acid being used prior to ordering, so we can advise on the best type of solution for the situation

ACIDSORB – for most Acid spills (except Hydrofluroric Acid & subject to any MSDS restrictions)

Acid-Sorb is supplied in a 5 kg, 10kg bag or 5 litre jug and has been designed to contain, absorb and neutralize acid spills.

Acid-Sorb is effective in absorbing the acid spill which then reduces the emission of toxic fumes. Acid-Sorb contains neutralizing agents that will partially, or in many cases, totally neutralize the acid, making it much safer to handle and dispose.


Apply around the edge of the spill fluid and sweep over immediately with a broom. Spill mixture will “fizz” for a period as partial neutralisation takes place. Check pH and add more absorbent or spray with water until completely neutral. Full ACIDSORB instructions for use and MSDS supplied with each order.


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