Absorbent Pad – Oil & Fuel Only – 200gsm Lightweight


Absorbent Hydrocarbon Oil Spill Pads are used to absorb oil and hydrocarbon spills on land and water. The Pads repel water while absorbing the hydrocarbon spill. These heavy duty pads are made from Needle-Punched Polypropylene and are capable of absorbing up to 0.75 litres of hydrocarbon (subject to viscosity). Melt-blown pads being offered in the market have lower absorbency rates and are “one use” only. Our heavy duty Needle Punched pads will absorb much more than a melt-blown pad at a lower price. The tests have been done and there is no comparison – Needle Punch Spill Pads are a far more economical option.

Features and Benefits

  • White Poly Pads LIGHT WEIGHT Needle-Punched Polypropylene
  • Size: 430 x 480mm
  • Size: 180 – 200 gsm
  • Absorbs up 0.75 litres (subject to viscosity) High efficiency means less absorbent to dispose of, reducing disposal costs
  • Absorbs petroleum-derived fluids only/Ideal for situations where you need to absorb oils but not water – Absorbs Oil off Water
  •  Will not deteriorate or sink when fully saturated
  • Chemical-resistant/Absorbs a wide variety of petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents without degrading or reacting
  • Large surface area/Covers surface spills and catches drips on land or factory floors
  • Will remain strong under extreme industrial use
  • Can be rung out up to many times by hand or wringer



PADS & ROLLS are used to place on spills to absorb fluids. Large surface area/Covers surface spills and catches drips on land or factory floors and can be slid under difficult to reach areas to absorb. Disperse by hand onto the surface of water to absorb floating oils & fuels – Hook out to retrieve when saturated.


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