Absorbent Mini Booms – Oil & Fuel Only



Oil Select Absorbent Mini Booms are made from SUPER ABSORBENT FIBRE and encased in a tough polypropylene sleeve. Hydrophobic (water repellent), oil only sorbents are designed to ignore water based chemicals and concentrate on absorbing all hydrocarbons –  oil and fuel based liquids.

Heavy! made to stay put when use in windy and wet conditions. This makes them ideal for cleanup of waterborne spills or anywhere rapid cleanup of oil is needed. All of our oil only socks will float indefinitely and are commonly placed within a contained spill for oil and sheen removal. Oil only socks are color coded white for easy identification purposes.


Place BOOMS around the perimeter of the spill to help prevent spread. Assists in control/diverting a spill and protecting entry of fluid into drains. Perfect for use around the base of machinery & upright stored containers.

Available in:

1.2m x 75mm

1.5m x 75mm

2.0m x 75mm

3.0m x 75mm


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