– Dual axle heavy duty trailer – White

– Heavy duty jockey wheel on swivel base

– 7 Pin (Small) trailer plug

– 9kg DCP Extinguisher

– Gas controls built into trailer at control box

– lockers to house burners and equipment

– Davit arm supplied to lift cylinder onto trailer

– 50mm reflective stripe along both side of trailer


Gas System:

– Gas Manifold with 2 x LPG outlet points

– Emergency Stop buttons that activate shut off valves

– Pressure gauges and Nitrogen Regulator

– 4 x Gas prop burners

– Needle valve flame height control

– 3 x Nitrogen operated Shut off valves

– Quick fit connection

– Operated with 1 x SE110 LPG & 1 x G size Nitrogen Cylinders

– Signed off by Energy Safety WA and Licensed Gas Inspector

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