Compressed Air Foam Systems incorporate Water, Foam Concentrate and Air to deliver a highly aerated finished Foam that improves the ability of the Foam for Fire suppression over either plain water or standard Foam solution.

Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) have been around for many years, however they usually require Engine driven Components such as Water Pumps and Compressors. More recently CAFS systems using stored Compressed Air have become available but most require the Tank to be pre-mixed with a Foam solution like a large Fire Extinguisher. The CAFS Commander uses stored Compressed Air to both expel the Water from the Tanks but also to drive a Foam injection system and provide additional Aeration at the discharge.

The CAFS Commander has been designed and manufactured to provide a simple, quick and efficient CAFS system for rapid deployment, attack and suppression of Fires.

Some of the benefits of the CAFS Commander are:-

  • Faster knock down time than water alone
  • Less water required to extinguish the same fire
  • Approx 20 x less weight to carry than water systems for the same volume of output
  • Foam can be applied to surfaces and used to form Breaks
  • Minimises potential water damage
  • Lighter and more manoeuvrable discharge fire hose
  • Expansion ratio of approx. 20:1
  • No Engines, Fuel or Power required
  • Longer discharge reach than plain water or foam solution
  • Finished Foam can be adjusted from “Wet” to “Dry” to suit various applications
  • Simple to fill both Water and Foam tanks
  • Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Lightweight Carbon Fibre SCBA Cylinders
  • Lightweight Alloy Extrusion Frame and Panels
  • Simple 2 Lever Operation
  • Self contained


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