Scott Promask Twin Readypak


The Promask Twin ReadyPak is offered complete with full face respirator and a pair of Pro2 filters conveniently packed in a resealable storage container. The storage container provides protection for the respirator and filters.

Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012.

Available with a choice of three filters: Particulate P3, Spray Painting A2P3 or Chemical A1B1E1K1P3.


Soft pliable silicone facepiece for maximum comfort

Wide panoramic polycarbonate visor to maximise field of vision

Front mounted speech diaphragm for easy communication

5 point adjustable harness with quick release buckles for quick donning and doffing

Ideal for protection against: Airborne solid particles such as inert dusts, mineral dusts, coal and wood dusts, metal dust and various fibres; metal fumes, manufactured fibres, radioactive particles, microorganisms, paint pigments and particles, paint fumes and a variety of chemicals.



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