Scott Promask Full Face Respirator


The Scott Safety Promask Twin full face respirator provides comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.

This respirator features a unique speech diaphragm which helps transfer clear and audible speech along with a sweat port in the chin pocket providing added comfort during extended wear times. The Promask’s slim-line design allows easy integration with helmets and earmuffs.

A comfortable silicone face piece offers resistance to chemicals and ageing effects of ozone and high temperatures.

Scott Safety’s Promask Twin utilises the full range of Scott Safety Pro² swept back filters


Outstanding speech transmission

Easy disinfection, decontamination and maintenance

Wide sealing edge provide superior fit

T bar 5 point head harness for increased wearer comfort and fit

Sweat port in chin pocket providing added comfort during extended wear times

Quick release headband


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